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Sponge Learners

Website: www.spongelearners.com
Platform: Drupal
Client: Sponge Learners
Project Tags: Design , Development

When Hulaweb was approached with this project, it was originally meant to be a website that simply featured bilingual book reviews for children. When the requirements changed, and our client needed to add the ability to offer products for sale, we were flexible enough to change course. We worked hand in hand with our client to build a site that met their eCommerce and product review needs. We offered eCommerce solutions and advised our client of the best approach.

On the design end, our client wanted a site that used simple colors, had good use of space, was easy to navigate and was designed around the logo they provided. It was definately accomplished!

Sometimes we're fortunate to get projects that are close to our hearts, and this one definately got a ton of lovin' from Hulaweb.

Logo Credit: Catalina Herron, Columbia

From the client:

Thank you so much for everything. it really has been a pleasure working with you. I'm very very excited with the way it turned out. Thank you not only for your hard professional work, but also for your advice and great ideas...